Five headphones have been reviewed here at NordicHardware. This time the
products come from Creative and KOSS.

Creative is not a very well-known
headphone manufacturer, but very active on the audio market, especially for
computer users. We have tested two of Creative’s headphones from the HQ series
which is mainly targeted for computer users.

We have also three KOSS
headphones, a very well known and respected name when it comes to

”I can’t imagine any computer interested person who does not
know what LAN is. When you go to a LAN you can’t bring your loudspeakers, as it
would end up rather messy with hundreds of persons listening to different kinds
of music, games or movies. That is why everyone supply themselves with a pair of
headphones and most of the time they are very impressed by the sound of a 2004
quality headphones, and maybe even replace the speaker system with a pair of

the roundup here.


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