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Lenevo is one of the really big PC builders. It has been active since 1984 and has now signed a deal with an at least as successful person in his area, namely soccer player Ronaldinho, a player we assume most of you have heard of, one time or another. Ronaldinho and his club Barcelona FC will become ambassadors for Lenovo’s brand and considering the coming FIFA World Cup, starts June 9, this comes at a pretty good time while at the same time Ronaldinho has been named the world’s best soccer player two years in a row. Exactly how Lenovo will use his name is a bit uncertain, but Ronaldinho will appear in worldwide compaigns displaying both Lenovo’s portable and startionary systems.

”Ronaldinho is one of the most promising football players in the world, and people around the world share a common passion for sports especially football. We see it as the perfect representative of Lenovo, for we are determined to become the best computer brand in the world.”

Source: Lenovo


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