We’ve covered Athlon64 an awful lot lately – not only with news posts, but also with reviews of AMD’s latest processors. However, we haven’t offered you any review of mainboards compatible with the Athlon64 platform. Until now, that is.
Our new AMD writer Bo Nilsson has had a mouthful of an nForce3 150 based mainboard from the renowned manufacturer Shuttle. The board has, among other things, support for AMD’s Athlon64 processors with the Socket 754 interface.
The mainboard is aptly named AN50R and whether or not this is a well-designed platform for AMD’s widely popular series of processors is to be found out in our latest review.

”Today, Shuttle is perhaps most known for its neat and small barebones. What many people might not think of is that Shuttle also manufacturers, and has done for quite a while, ”ordinary” mainboards. We will in this review take a look at one of Shuttle’s new creations, namely the AN50R, which is based on the nForce3 150 chipset.”

Read the full review.

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