A couple of weeks a go we could offer you a review of nVidia’s latest product on the graphics card market. Based on the renowned NV40-core, GeForce 6800 Ultra had a lot to live up to and did turn out to be an impressive card.
It was a large step in the right direction for nVidia, once again claiming the title as leader of graphics card performance, a title claimed by ATi for almost 2 years now.
At the launch of the GeForce 6800 Ultra we didn’t really know what to expect of ATi, working on a new core of its own. However, it didn’t take many seconds (yes, seconds) after nVidia’s launch for ATi to give us some details of its new core.
The R420 core is now known as the Radeon X800 series and the official launch was a few days ago .

After not having been allowed to say anything for 2 weeks, now is the time for us to give you all the details on ATi’s new core.
The review has ended up being a large comparison between nVidia’s and ATi’s latest monster cards. With several hundreds of test results (14 games and 4 synthetic benchmarks using loads of settings) and in-depth details about ATi’s R420 core, we offer you plenty of interesting reading.

”Just like NV40, R420 comes with 16 rendition pipelines, GDDR3 memory with high frequencies and more features than the previous generation of cards. In a way, there is less to ATi’s new product as R420, in comparison to NV40, to a very large extent is based on ”old” technology.”

Whether ATi can reclaim the graphics card throne with its Radeon X800 XT, you’ll find out here.

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