Many of you readers have probably heard about Microsofts Media Center concept. Since the launch of this platform a lot has been improved, especially userfriendliness and general features.
To explain Microsoft Media Center only with a few words is almost an impossible mission, you can say that it is a platform with the goal to bring together all digital entertainment-units to one machine, the PC.

Network Technical have developed an interesting product called Network Media Station Boxter.
This review contains analysis and tests of the different features this product offers. Also some speculations about the future for Media Center.

”Many people take a step back when you mention the word Microsoft, but you can say what you want but very many of you out there are using Windows XP on your home computers. There are resources behind the company and they have really put time and energy into this product, but foremost they have listened to the customer and their thoughts. All this put together has become Media Center 2004, a to us very positive experience purely spontaneous.”


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