Once more it is time for a mainboard review here at NH, and once more the subject is the Pentium 4 platform.
Different from many Pentium 4 mainboards we have reviewed here at NH lately this is not based on an Intel chipset. It is actually a VIA PT880 mainboard, MSI PT880 Neo-LSR.
It is VIA’s first Pentium 4 chipset supporting dual channel DDR. With a low price and good performance it is meant to compete with Intel’s products.

”Intel has been sitting calmly on the chipset-throne for a long time with their stable, fast and very overclockable circuits. Third party manufacturers like SiS, VIA and nowadays also ATi have had a really hard time making chipsets for Intel CPUs profitable. As if it isn’t enough that Intel already controls almost the entire market, the silicon giant from Santa Clara leaves nothing but crumbles for the competition. Among others, licenses has to be negotiated back and forth which Taiwanese VIA has experienced a several times.”

Read the review here.


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