After a short break, we have the privilege to present a review of the watercooling system Koolance Exos-Al. It’s a ready-built watercooling system with an aluminum finish reminiscent of the one found on Lian Li cases. We have six pages loaded with information to offer you on which we carefully examine both the inside and the exterior of the system. The product boasts with an array of impressive solutions and a luscious finish, but is the performance good enough to stand the competition?

”The first thing noticed in the specifications is that the radiator is made out of aluminium. This means that it may never be combined with waterblocks of copper, since the aluminium parts will gradually corrode. Fortunately, all other blocks are made out of aluminium or gold-plated copper, so if you stick to Koolance parts there will be no problems. Furthermore, you may see that the radiator is of a lamella type and not a tube radiator which is the most common type in complete watercooling kits.”

Read Martin’s thorough review here.

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