It has been a while since we offered you a speaker system review here at, and it’s now time for another one. Contributing for the first time at the NH editorial office, our relatively new reviewer Mårten Johansson has had a look at Creative’s latest addition to its high-end series of speaker systems – the Gigaworks S750.
As the successor to the renowned Megaworks 550THX, Gigaworks enters as Creative’s flagship of the market of speakers. As a 7.1 system with a total output effect of a whopping 700W, endowed with a wireless remote control and a price of approximately €530, it is truly a respectable set of speakers.
Remarkable specifications are, however, no guarantee for good sound quality. How this beauty performes is thoroughly evaluated in our latest review.

”While 7.1 audio cards were being introduced, not to say Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS, the need for a speaker system with a 7.1 configuration was born. The little bit cheaper series Inspire was adapted quickly and the result was Inspire T7700 which was delivered with seven satellites and one subwoofer.”

Read Mårten’s full review here.

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