Small preview imageLCD-monitors of today are almost synonym to responce time, the value of hwo fast and effective the monitor can display movement. For long the responce time was a real achilles-heal but as the development has been going almost so ridiculously fast that the question is if it is not about to go too far. The opinion on what an acceptable responce time is varies from person to person but the fact remains that it is getting harder and harder to notice a difference. at Behardware they developed a new test method that makes it possible to capture the differences between responce times in still images.

Whether this a good thing or a bad thing can be discussed of course, as not everyone experiences the lacks you can see on the images. But it is quite interesting to see the difference between 4 ms and 8 ms panels as they are both very fast.

”Like we said above, we have a new test procedure. For years, I´ve been trying to show images of a monitor’s afterglow and finally you will see it for yourself. It isn’t another measure of response time, but the reaction time as it is actually seen in games and 3D applications.”

:: Read Behardwares comparison between Belina 10 19 20 and BenQ FP91V


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