ATi recently launched their X850 series and reviews have started to popup
around the web. At the bottom you can find an unsorted bunch of reviews.

”ATI, who has been very keen on being on the top spot it terms of 3D
performance for the last two and a half years has released another addition to
its high-end lineup. Now standing with nearly 9 graphics cards aimed at high-end
ATI has extremely favorable position with its RADEON X8 product family. However,
how far could ATI jump in terms of speed for its latest VPU?”

One of the more interesting aspects of the X850 series is perhaps the
availability that is suppose to be much greater than the X800 series. The
performance is slightly better, yet not amazingly different from the earlier

Alas, the higher clock speeds forced ATi to use ”two slot cooling”, which is
something they’ve managed to avoid until now. Another problem is of course th
fact that we now even more cards to compare with eachother:

”In the end we felt that ATI has improved their lineup somewhat, but they
have quite possibly done much more to confuse the end user than they did to
improve their gaming performance. Looking at the high end X series lineup after
today we have the following: X800SE, X800, X800 Pro, X800 XL, X800 XT, X800 XT
PE, X850 Pro, X850 XT and X850 XT PE, regardless of how you cut it, that’s one
confusing lineup. Hopefully we will see most of those cards phased out in the
coming weeks/months, but right now we can understand if you’re a bit overwhelmed
by this seemingly simple launch.”

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