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We’ve done a lot of reporting on ATI’s R580+ graphics circuit and the retail version that is expected to arrive in August named Radeon X1950 XTX. ATI’s new flagship will be a perfected version of X1900 XTX where 512MB of GDDR4 memory is the big attraction. ATI will not just launch a new top model, it will also launch a cheaper card, which still belongs to the high-end segment. Radeon X1950 XT is the name of this card, which means that ATI will continue with the same rating as it did with the X1900 series. Just as big brother X1950 XT the new graphics card is based on the R580+ circuit, but what separates the two is that X1950 XT only has 256MB of graphics memory. Still GDDR4 and working at 2.0GHz, but the amount is thus less.

Radeon X1950 XT seems to be a competitor for NVIDIA’s GeForce 7900GT and with similar specifications as the flagship X1950 XTX it is looking very promising. There is no information regarding the price available, but we assume ATI has thought this through.


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