Radeon X1900 series will arrive next week and the R580 circuit is the foundation of ATI’s new graphic card series. The rumours have been coming out in pretty large numbers lately and now, just a few days before the actual launch, more information about the cards have arrived over at Daily Tech. They’ve not only published Radeon X1900’s manual but also posted the results a number of benchmarks as they have managed to come across a Radeon X1900XT. Alas they’ve chosen to compare the card to NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX 256MB and no the 7800GTX 512MB so the fact that ATI comes out on top is hardly surprising. X1900XT has 48 pixel shader processors and works at 650MHz at the core, the 512 MB memory at 1.55GHz. You can find more detailed information about the card over at Daily Tech.

:: Radeon X1900 series manual 
:: Radeon X1900XT benchmarks


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