AMD and NVIDIA is getting ready to release their latest graphics cards, both sporting dual GPUs. At the moment we don’t know who will be first, but rumors state that NVIDIA is planning an official launch in the second week of March, while AMD is preparing complete information to media in early March.

We start with AMD that during the week has warned media that it will release complete information on the coming flagship Radeon HD 6990 soon. In early March it will release all details on the card sporting dual Cayman GPUs to replace Radeon HD 5970. AMD usually launch its cards shortly after its media presentations and hopefully we can tell you more about Radeon HD 6990 in the second week of March.

This seems to be the case with NVIDIA too. NVIDIA hopes to show its GeForce GTX 590 with dual GF110 GPUs at CeBIT 2011. But just like GeForce GTX 480 of last year it will not be for the public and perhaps even in locked and well monitored test systems, we know from experience that NVIDIA prefers to do it like this. GeForce GTX 590 will according to rumors sport 1024 CUDA cores and 3GB GDDR5 memory.

The launch is expected to happen during PAX East March 11-13, which was the case last year too. 

By the looks of it, both cards will arrive within days of each other and we will of course keep track of both events. It looks like GeForce GTX 590 will be more of a PR stunt with poor availability, while Radeon HD 6990 is still pretty well hidden.


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I never understood WHY Nvidia would show off a great card to the mass public and then say No touchy you cant buy it.
Im an Nvidia guy all the way Im looking forward to April when I get my hands on a 780Ti.
I am also interested in the 6990 by AMD their top tier cards seem to get off to a slow start but end up performing as well as Nvidias 😉