Qualcomm recently revealed details on the new system processor Snapdragon S4 and its 28nm Krait architecture. One of the big advantages of Qualcomm’s new architecture is the new energy saving functions, something it really tries to emphasize in the marketing. Snapdragon S4 will be so efficient it can be powered by tame insects.

If we would to guess it almost looks like parts of the video has been trick filmed, but we can’t help appreciating some viral marketing. A praying mantis on a exercise bike and a tarantula on a treadmill are just some animals helping out to power a Snapdragon S4 smartphone.

Qualcomm have been so eager that it has made calculations for how many praying mantises on exercise bikes it would require to power a Snapdragon smartphone. According to the company it requires 11.5 Praying Mantis Units peddling for 1 hour to power the phone for 1 minute. In comparison it would require 2,075 PMUs to power a desktop computer.

Maybe you shouldn’t start your own flea market at home, but our interest for Qualcomm’s promising processor architecture has not cooled down. Snapdragon S4 will appear in products in Q2 2012 and with dual cores the clock frequencies from 1.5 GHz to 2.5 GHz. The perhaps biggest advantage is the new 28nm technology and 4G modem and other functionality is baked into the circuit, which should imrpove efficiency even further.

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