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QNAP has announced a new SOHO NAS server. Network Attached Storage is a concept which is becoming more and more common, not just among businesses but also at home. Through a NAS everyone can access the stored data and QNAP TurboStation TS-401T brings a lot of interesting functions into the game. The unit can be equipped with up to four SATA harddrives for a maximal storage of 2TB, we’re not sure why there’s a 500GB limit. You can expect a bunch of RAID configurations and the unit can easily be controlled through a web-based interface.

With two Gigabit Ethernet ports you have the possibility to connect the server to several networks at the same time. A NAS server is well suited for operations such as backups, which is also something QNAP has taken advantage of.

It’s posisble to configure configure computers of the network to automatically make backups. Or even run a real-time backup process, which means that any new or changed data will be copied directly to the NAS.

QNAP TurboStation TS-401T is available today and costs around $1,000.


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