En man vid namn Kareem Harper har skrivit en artikel om datorspelandet efter den 11 September 2001, alltså efter den fruktansvärda attacken mot U.S.A. Hela artikeln kan hittas här och här följer nu ett litet smakprov för er som inte är säkra på om ni vill läsa den:

As a minor disclaimer: In no way am I pointing the finger at game developers or publishers. I was simply curious to see how the gaming community would respond if one was to dive head first into this issue. I hope that by publicly opening this can of worms that a constructive dialogue could begin. In the past, games have been criticized for content. Being an individual the prizes freedom of speech and expression I would often become angered at parents looking to censor my games to protect their children. Almost callously I would retort to such arguments brazenly: regulating what children are exposed to is the role of the parent – not the senator. This editorial represents a minor change in my thinking. Not that I want censorship of gaming titles or things to change. In light of what has occurred, however, we should walk on eggshells for a period of time.


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