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About a week ago pictures of a DFI motherboard with was claimed to be a powerful processor cooler made by DFI surfaced. That DFI wasn’t making the cooler themselves was kind of a given, but people have now been able to identify the cooler as Megahalems, a cooler made by Prolimatech, which makes it is highly uncertain whether the it will appear as a DFI branded product. The cooler is namely already listed in stores and will arrive at the beginning of March and cost around $60

Whether DFI has anything to do with it, or perhaps even will sell it under its own brand remains to be seen, but at least now we have complete specifications for the ”mystic cooler”.

Judging from the pictures it is mighty beast with a game weight of 790g, which is supposed to be used with a 120mm fan.

Prolimatech Megahalems


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