Prolimatech has a tendency of naming their products after historic or biblical events or persons. Now that the latest low-profile cooler is here it has been dubbed Samuel 17, a reference to the 1st book of Samuel chapter 17 of the old testament. Here he tells the story of David versus Goliath. What Prolimatec is trying to say is that the new coolers, despite its mere size, can cool the mightiest processors.

Prolimatech Samuel 17 is designed for low profile installations with only 45mm height and 92mm width. The cooler can handle 120mm fans that blows down toward the CPU and offers a breeze for surrounding components.

The copper base is connected to the massive heatsink through six nickel coated heatpipes and the company says that the design is perfect for HTPCs and such. The cooler supports both AMD’s and Intel’s processor platforms.

Whether the cooler can measure up the biblical reference will have to wait until June when the cooler comes out for a price of around 40€.



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