Coolers are plenty today, but what happens when you take one of the best and try to match it to ASUS Sabertooth? Prolimatech has done exactly that with Megahalems and Genesis that will come in new shapes with colors to match ASUS Sabertooth.

ASUS Sabertooth series of mothebroards quickly became popular among users with its high quality components and costs less than the Republic of Gamer series.

ASUS Sabertooth has a color theme that stands out with black and dark green, and now Prolimatech has released two of its coolers with matching coolers. The idea is that the new coolers will work well with ASUS Sabertooth series for a matching interior.

prolimatech_megahalemsProlimatech Megahalems Camouflage

prolimatech_genesis_bProlimatech Genesis Camouflage

The two new coolers will be part of the Camouflage series and the coolers will simply be called Megahalems Camouflage and Genesis Camouflage. It is uncertain when the coolers will be available in stores and what they will cost. Now we just need graphics cards in the Sabertooth series before we can get a completely camoflauged system?

Source: Expreview


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