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We continue with reporting about the various display technologies here at NordicHardware and OLED is hardly a technology that anyone can have missed by now. OLED ia already being used by several smaller units such as cell phones and MP3-players but more and more companies are working with making considerably bigger displays. Cambrigde Display Technology in Great Britain is one of them and it has now created a new 14″ OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display with the help of an ink printer! The display’s pixels is being sprayed with a special ink printer and with the new 14″ model we’re talking about 1280×768 pixels which is sprayed on. We really hope to see more advancements with the OLED-technology as it seems to be a very promising replacement for LCD.

”OLED is viewed as a potential successor to liquid crystal displays, used in many flat-panel TVs and computer monitors. Materials in an OLED display emit light when an electrical current is applied. The displays can function without a backlight, which cuts down on power consumption, screen thickness and cost. OLED displays also offer higher resolution than LCDs.”



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