A couple of days ago anandtech took a look at AMD’s roadmap, and now the turn has come to the rival Intel. There are no major news they bring, but they atleast give us a date for when the Prescott is to arrive. February 2nd teh Prescott is released in the speeds 2.8, 3.0, 3.2 and 3.4GHz.

For those of you who doesn’t know what Prescott is, it’s the new version of the the Pentium 4. What’s new in this version is among other things that it’s being manufactured with 0.09µm-technology, and that the L2-cache will be extended from 512KB to 1MB. Prescott will also have support for SSE3, which is a technique to increase the processor’s efficiency. SSE3 demands to work, as HT (Hyper-Threading) and SSE2, that software is optimized. Prescott will have its debute on the Socket 478, but after the 3.4GHz-model it will go over to Socket T (755).

Together with Prescott a couple of new chipsets are coming.
915p will replace 865, while perforance will be equal to 875p. A couple of new functions will be added; support for PCI-Express and DDR2 533MHz (The most belivable is though that only 925FX will be sold with DDR2-memory-banks).
925FX will replace 875p. This chipset will be equipped with PAT and that will be the ony big thing seperating it from 915p.

Already now Prescott is a warmhearted beast, thanks to its high heat production (about 100 watt on the 3.4GHz-model) that Socket T will be introduced. Heat is always an issue when overclocking and should these romours be true about the 100watt, then probably the 3,4 GHz-model won’t be an overclocker’s dream. Personally I have pretty high hopes for the 2.8GHz. The low speed and 0.09µm should make it very clockable, if not on socket Socket 478 it will on Socket T.



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