EVGA is about to launch the new power supply SuperNova NEX1500, which will be something extraordinary. Besides a maximal capacity of 1500 watt the power supply comes with an advanced software for controlling and monitoring – which it has now previewed.

EVGA lets users connect to the power supply through a USB cable. When connected to the motherboard the Supernova software monitors everything from voltages to temperatures and fan speeds, but also check history for power levels and optimize settings like the +12V voltage and fans curves for the integrated cooling fan. The software can also set the power supply to OC mode, which raises the maximal capacity to 1650 watt.


EVGA SuperNova NEX1500 will also allow for configuring a single or multiple votlage rails, adjustable +12V rail and modular cables with sleeves. Exactl details on when EVGA SuperNova NEX1500 will arrive will be revealed soon, but already there are pictures to check for those who wants to know more about the power supply.

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