A phenomenon that is sadly becoming ubiquitous is sites copying other sites’ articles. We’ve seen how other sites have become victims, and it has also happened to us.

We have via Neowin found a site that specializes in stealing others material. The articles found here are mostly from Anandtech, Toms Hardware, The inquirer and their likes. Most of the times it works like this: the ”thief” downloads the material he wants and then rewrites it to fit into his own site’s design, with no change whatsoever in the non-design material.

Why don’t you read some of the reviews at Tech Tomorrow and see if you can spot anything out of the ordinary. The first line in this article ought to be enough to understand that something isn’t right.

Should you ever find any material that originates from NH, or from anyone else for that matter, you are very welcome to report it to us.

Update: After some research in Tech Tomorrow’s rather minimal forum, I found a link to Tech Salon that seems to be a almost identical mirror of Tech Tomorrow.

Update 2: We have now received an answer on a query we sent Tech Tomorrow about this. Apparently, they claim that this is all a misunderstanding and that the site was only supposed to be a demonstration of their knowledge in creating a website.

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