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It’s no secret that optical media uses multiple layers to reach higher storage capacities, but Pioneer has taken the concept to a whole new level with its latest Blu-ray disc. It has namely presented the latest results from its research on optical media, which reveals the specifications for an optical disc that can store up to 500GB of data. The researchers have merged 20 separate layers into a single Blu-ray disc and with 25GB capacity per layer it adds up to a total capacity of 500GB.

Earlier the industry presented plans for a 20-layer disc on the market sometime between 2010-2012. The multi-layer method will be compatible with current Blu-ray devices and the previous limitations due to crosstalk between layers have now been resolved, at least at the research stage.

”One of the technical issues addressed was the problem of ‘crosstalk’ between the separate layers of optical media. Due to the close proximity of the layers, data from one layer could interfere with that from another layer. By applying proprietary technology developed for its BD products and by stacking two different thickness of layers alternatively, interlayer crosstalk was reduced, thus further confirming the feasibility of 20-layer optical discs.”

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