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PSP GOES P!NK was the name of the press release for the latest product released by Sony in the form of a new PlayStation Portable. The new PSP will be sold as P!nk PSP Value Pack and then contains, except from a pink PSP, a headset, wrist strap and a 32MB memory card. The kit will be available in limited quantities from October 27th and will cost €229/£169. We can only conclude that Sony is doing everything it can to reclaim market shares from Nintendo and its bulldozing DS Lite, while it at the same time perhaps wants to disrupt Microsoft’s coming Zune, even if it will not sport the gaming capabilities it was earlier rumored to have.

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“P!nk is a very credible, very hip, and very unique female superstar – one with an appeal that extends well beyond the known pop music universe. She hits the skaters, the gamers, and the rockers alike”


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