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Phase-change RAM is one of the latest memory technologies and we will soon see commercial products based on this new technology. Those who want to see some ”phase change memory” today should head over to VR-Zone, where they’ve published a preview of one of their coming projects. It’s all about RAM and phase-change, but not in the same context as one might think. These are namely DDR2 memory modules that have been cooled with a phase change cooler, also known as compressor cooling. Perhaps not as pioneering as the memory technology, but certainly an interesting project, which VR-Zone will present at CeBIT together with memory manufacturer G.Skill.

Shamino at VR-Zone has made his own RAM evaporators and it is certainly a ghetto-kind of cooling. How well and efficiently this kind of cooling really is is something we will have to wait until CeBIT to find out. We have to praise the ingenious approach though.


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