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Patriot is one out of many component manufacturers which will display hot products at CES the coming week and already it has revealed some of its plans. It will, among others, display a new series of memories which is specified to mighty 1302MHz. A speed which makes the Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-10100 series the world’s fastest DDR2 memory. The memory series has been developed with NVIDIA’s nForce 680i platform and Intel’s Quad Core processors in mind. Except from having the world’s fastest DDR2 memory on display it is planning on having the world’s fastest USB flash memory available as well.

Patriot Xporter XT version2 will namely offer a transfer rate at 266X, which can be translated to a read speed of 39MB/s. We’re looking forward to hearing more about Patriot’s new products, while more of the top memory manufacturers will have more to show and brag about at CES.


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