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Patriot follows the trend and launches a new and extreme DDR3 kit. Viper Series 2GB DDR3 1800MHz Low Latency Kit operates at 1800MHz and 8-8-8-20 timings. The modules use Patriot’s patented Viper Heat Shields with integrated ACC (Aluminum Copper Composite) technology, which should keep them cool and well. The modules are XMP-compliant and are especially intended for Intel platforms, such as P35, X38 and X48 motherboards. As expected, Patriot had to go beyond the official voltage specification, 1.5V, and increase the operating voltage to 1.9V.

We’re not sure exactly which chip you will find under the heat spreader, but we can only assume it’s Micron’s D9GTR, but it’s only a guess.

The modules are available immediately and costs $349 in stores. Considering slower modules used to cost twice as much, prices have really come down over the last six months, and for enthusiast memory, $350 ain’t that bad, even if it’s still a lot of money.


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