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Patriot Memory has decided to answer our prayers of longer warranties than the meager 2 years most drives are covered by. We were happy to tell you about how OCZ increased the warranty with one additional year, but it’s nothing compared to what Patriot has done. It has launched its Torqx M28 series and the doubled cache of 128MB aside it has expanded the warranty from 2 to 10 years. A very impressive number that doesn’t get any worse since it also covers all previously sold models of the family.

Patriot’s new SSDs has read speeds of 220MB/s and writes at 200MB/s. Unlike the previous Torqx series the entry model has 128GB capacity (v1 also had 64GB) and a top model with 256GB capacity.

It doesn’t say which memory controller or memory circuits being used but the specifications and warranty still shows promise.


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