Small preview imageX1900XTX is suppose to be a real threat to 7800GTX512 and sure you can play with the cards at stock speeds, but as we all know that is no way to impress your friends and neighbours. The 3DMark world records are done with systems overclocked way, way above stock settings and now that the X1900 series has arrived it is time for it to show its true colors. Our own OC guru Robert ”Crotale” Kihlberg has been playing around with an X1900XTX together with 3DMark Champion Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin and Swedish OC legend Peter ”incido” Nilsson and managed to find a real sweet spot for the card. At the same time the wellknown forum member mmouse has been playing around with his X1900 CrossFire system and posted some very impressive results in the forum.

”The first day, we tested how much the graphics card could handle when it comes to cooling. Chefnr1 container and LN2 for the graphics card and a single stage unit for the CPU. The card managed -50C which was quite ideal for the single stage cooler for the next day.

For day two we mounted the single stage compressor to the graphics card with temperatures at around -45C and a Mousepot to the CPU with LN2. We benchmark 3DMark2001 and 3DMark05 at 6300MHz and 3DMark03 at 6200MHz ”

Crotale’s system
Intel 955XE – Mousepot + LN2 (-140C)
ATI Radeon X1900XTX – Natrium Single Stage (-45C)
Asus P5WD2 – vcore, vdimm, vdroop
Corsair 5400UL
OCZ 520W

3DMark2001: 50079 (which is a fifth place overall and to this date the fastest ATI score and fastest Intel Netburst score.)
3DMark03: 27111
3DMark05: 15004
3DMark06: 8194

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mmouse’s system
Dfi RDX-200 Rev. A03
”Brazed 2in Copper Dryice Pot”
1024×2 @275-280mhz ’1:1’
2x 550w Antec ESP’s
X1900XTX/X1900 Mastercard
X1900’s@650/775 / Stock Cooling

3DMark03: 35260
3DMark05: 17332
3DMark06: 10462

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