Intel has limited the overclocking possibilities with the new Sandy Bridge architecture, through drawbacks of both the processors and the chipsets. Even if the maximal overclocking potential has been limited, Intel Core i7-2600K CPU has been been getting better and better. The new world record on air is now 5.77 GHz.

German overclocker RoccoESAs reached 5774 MHz, which is the highest stable result published with a Sandy Bridge processor and that the overall world record is set on air is both impressive and a bit tragic.

Using a voltage of 1.584V and a huge heatsink RoccoESA could reach a maximal bus frequency of 104.99 MHz, which together with x55 multiplier resulted in the new world record. 


Since bus overclocking is nearly non-existent with Sandy Bridge all comes down to the multiplier of the processor. Intel’s K models are unlocked up to x57, but so far they only seem to work up to x55, no matter cooling or voltage. We barely dare to think what Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors would be capable of with unlimited multipliers. At the same time we can’t complain over a $300 hitting 5.77 GHz on air.

Worth mentioning is that the processor passed SuperP1 32m in more or less the same frequency (5 770 MHz), which means it is a fairly stable frequency and more than just a dump from CPU-Z.

Even if we wouldn’t mind seein even higher frequencies with liquid nitrogen we can’t complain about Intel’s new processors when they show such good results with regular cooling.



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