Although slightly off-topic, I wanted to share this information with you. Our readers are, presumably, interested in computing and some of them mobile such. True mobile computing does often come in the form of a handheld computer, or PDA, or perhaps a smartphone – a combined handheld and phone – but not in the form of a laptop, as these are too bulky to haul around in your pocket. While the former devices are small enough to accompany you wherever you are, they are not powerful enough to fully replace a laptop or desktop computer. That is, until now.

Initially introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, the OQO is an interesting little device. Not only is it only marginally larger than your everyday Pocket PC, it is also a lot more powerful. The manufacturer claims that the OQO is the perfect replacement for both the laptop and the PDA, and I’m ready to agree. Incidentally, one convergent device is obviously a nifty and more portable solution. The OQO boasts a 5″ transreflective W-VGA (800×480) screen, a 1 GHz processor, 256 MB of internal memory and a 20 GB harddrive. In addition, it’s endowed with dual input methods in the forms of a digital pen and a touchpad-like mouse configuration. It will include Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless networking and run Windows XP. It is not yet known whether or not this device will be released, despite the announcement. OQO announced another similar device in the year of 2002 which never showed up, so critics are sceptical. If it does show up, however, it will profoundly change the way we see mobile computing today.

Pricing information is yet to be released, and so is a specification for weight and size. Judging by this video and the few pictures found at the OQO website, it is not nearly as gargantuan as most laptops as of today.

Find out more at OQO’s website.

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