The name Open-PC comes from the fact that this  Intel Atom 330 nettop uses nothing but  open-source software. The Linux operating system sporting KDE and all applications inside are all completely free of charge. The list of programs include applications like Firefox and OpenOffice. The only thing they charge you for in Open-PC is the hardware that is based on the first generation dual-core Atom 330 CPU.

The price of 359 euro includes a donation of 10 euro to the KDE project that is working on a Linux operating system for the PC. The case measures neat 345 x 425 x 100mm and everything going from specifications to price has been decided by surveys in the open source community.

For that kind of money you get 3GB RAM, 160GB harddrive and integrated graphics in the shape of  Intel’s GMA 950 IGP.

The specifications may not be entirely optimal for the price tag, but then again you can’t put a price on freedom … and we know that, at least, The Hoff has been looking for that.

The first PC built by the community for the community.

  • pure Linux
  • consumer ready
  • perfectly preconfigured
  • built by the community
  • 100% free software and drivers
  • energy efficient
  • easy to upgrade
  • phone and email support included
  • donation to the KDE project included in the price

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