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PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW is a product that really shows where things are heading in the computer industry, even if we perhaps can hope for at least a pause next year. The power consumption with today’s computers are escalating, especially if you are an enthusiast who likes to overclock since the power consumption seems to increase in an exponential manner in some cases. 1 kilowatt is far, far more than anyone can possibly need to power a computer though. Even the most dedicated overclockers are satisfied with a good 600W PSU and then they still have power left.

PC Power & Cooling has a god reputation and its power suppliles are often described as quality builds. In XYZcomputing’s test you can see that Turbo-Cool 1KW is no exception. The PSU practically screams quality even before they have actually tested it and it performs the same way. There are three problems with it though: what to do with all that power and the price, but none of those really matters because you have to find it first.

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