Small preview imageOLED is one out of many new flatpanel technologies we’ve heard about from time to time. Several manufacturer’s are working on a number of technologies to find a more efficient model than today’s LCD and plasma. OLED is one of the technolgies that has been around the longest without making a breakthrough. Now it seems that Samsung is on the way. It is namely expected to present a 40″ panel next week with a depth of only 2.2 centimeters, which is quite impressive.


The prototype will use a resolution at 1280×800 px with a brightness of 600 nits and a contrast ratio at 5000:1. The prototype is also made with a more efficient method than earlier OLED-panels which tends for lower costs. If and when we get to see the OLED-technology out on the TV-market is uncertain so far, but they are without a doubt making progress day by day.



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