IF you have been following the memory circus more closely you know that really high performing memories have been available only for short periods of time. First we had a real nice batch of memories with the BH5-chips, which was replaced by the much cheaper, and slower, CH5.
Thyen some companies decided to make ”special version” of their high models with the BH6-chip, which was almost as good as the BH5. The BH6 was a power hungry fellow though and to really squeeze everything little drop of performanec out of them when overclocking you needed memory voltages up to 3,2V, which far from many mainboards supported.
Well anyway OCZ has released a new revision of their PC3200 high end memories.

”The OCZ PC3200 Revision 2 memory delivered slightly faster speeds than the Corsair XMS 3200XL at DDR400 (2-2-2-5) and costs significantly less (around $280 vs. $315). This difference in cost may be the single most determining factor for someone that is shopping for DDR400. Keep in mind that with slightly looser timings operation up to DDR500 should be easily possible making this memory the perfect compliment to any system from an AMD64 based rig to an overclocked Intel P4 based rig. We award the OCZ PC3200 Revision 2 Memory the 3DXtreme Editor’s Choice Award based on the performance and price of this product.”

I should mention that the diagrams in this review are a bit misleading.

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