OCZ RevoDrive is a SSD out of the ordinary. With dual SandForce SF-1200 SSD controllers and PCI Express interface the drive promises breathtaking performance at a pretty decent price.

OCZ Technology presented RevoDrive back at Computex 2010, but it’s not until now the drive have been officially launched, and on paper it is looking mighty promising.

The two RAID-configured SF-1200 controllers offer performance up to 540MB/s read and 480MB/s write speed over the PCIe x4 interface. About twice the speed of OCZ Vertex 2 that use a single SandForce controller. Extra impressive is the IOPS at 4K random files where the drive reaches 75 000 IOPS.


The even more impressive is that the unit is not that much more expensive than the equivalent 2.5″ SSD, which are roughly half the speed.

SSD Read speed Write speed 4K write
OCZ RevoDrive 240GB 540 MB/s 480 MB/s 75 000 IOPS
OCZ RevoDrive 120GB 540 MB/s 480 MB/s 75 000 IOPS
OCZ Vertex 2 240GB 285 MB/s 275 MB/s 50 000 IOPS
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB 285 MB/s 275 MB/s 50 000 IOPS

”Only” $50-100 separate RevoDrive from the equivalent Vertex 2 model and as you can see the numbers are of a whole other level. OCZ RevoDrive is also bootable, which means you can install Windows on the drive, just like any other SATA harddrive.

The unit ships with 3 year warranty and we hope to get a closer look at it to see who it performs during real life scenarios.




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