OCZ promised it had several products to show, including its own version of hybrid storage combining a SSD and a mechanical drive. The new RevoDrive Hybrid sports  60 – 120 GB SSD and 500 GB – 1 TB harddrive, and uses a PCI-E x4 port.

OCZ’s new RevoDrive Hybrid is not ready for retail yet since the details are still being polished. The company has a hard time deciding between a 5400 or 7200 RPM drive, but according to OCZ the cache schematic is so efficient that it could use 5400 RPM without sacrificing too much performance. The advantage of a slower spinning drive is of course lower power consumtpion and less noise.


Nvelo is behind the software Dataplex that handles the cache algorithm in RevoDrive Hybrid and the solution makes it possible to write data in both read and write to the SSD. According to Nvelo, Dataplex will offer higher performanc ein PCMark Vantage than Intel’s solution Smart Response and if its statement is correct that data that is both written and read is stored in the cache you as the end user should not really notice that you’re dealing with a Hybrid, which you can with Smart Response.

When it comes to the SSD it will use SandForce controller chips in RAID 0 for better performance and it expects RevoDrive Hybrid to ship with read/write performance at 575/500 MB/s with 30,000 IOPS. The configurations for RevoDrive Hybrid will be 60 GB SSD with 500 GB harddrive, or 120 GB SSD and 1 TB harddrive. RevoDrive Hybrid is expected to arrive in July and cost 300€ and up.

Source: TechReport


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