At the end of 2003 Corsair launched their first PC3200-modules with a density of 1 GB and now it’s time for OCZ to follow the trend.
The wellknown memorymanufacturer has recently launched 1 GB unbuffered PC3200-modules in both single and dualpack-version.
The new modules are specifide for DDR400-speeds and that with 3-3-3-7-timings. These are no ”low latancy”-modules which had become rather pricy at this kind of density. But the timings are in fact lower then we saw on Corsair’s introduktionmodels, CMX1024-3200, which had 3-4-4-8.

OCZ’s 1 GB PC3200-modules will be able to handle the specifide speeds at 2.6v and is equipped with the, for OCZ, usual copperheatspreader. This is for cooling the chips at high workload and increase stability.

OCZ announces that the modules in a near future will be shipped out to stores and retailers. How much they will cost is still a big questionmark though.

Read more about OCZ’s new modules here.


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