Small preview imageNZXT Lexa is actually a bit different from the other cases we’ve seen from NZXT. To begin with it geared its cases towards the users who wants flashy chassis, e.g. NZXT Nemesis and similar. These were for people, such as gamers, that wants their cases to catch others attention, nothinf for those who live by the standard ”less is more”. It has left this theme with its latest models though, among others NZXT Trinity, which we have an upcoming review of. Now it has launched another case and it is completely different from the rest weäve seen from NZXT. Here the theme is stylish and the chassi almost looks to be designed in a wind tunnel with its symmetric lines.

NZXT Lexa is a miditower and uses three 120mm and a 80mm fan for cooling, all come with the case and runs at a very low rpm for utter most silence. The chassi also has a LCD-display at the top which records three different tempertures inside the chassi. It is made from aluminum and weighs almost 6 kilo without power supply.

On paper, and camera, NZXT Lexa is looking mighty nice. How it performs we will tell you soon as it is now standing in our testlab.

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