Temperaturmätnings programmet Motherboard Monitor har uppdaterats till version Man har fixat följande:

”Added on/off switch for the CPU usage, about 20 people in total had some troubles with this part of the code. By default this switch is turned off, so if you want CPU usage turn it on. Added switch to ignore scan for sensor chips at $2E or $4E, so far only 1 user needs this Right click on dashboard will add/remove sidebar % sign is removed from log if you selected to not have any symbols in the log file”

Kolla gärna in hemsidan, eller ladda ner programmet direkt på en av dessa länkar.

Rage3d har uppdaterat sitt tweakprogram Rage3D till v2.8 beta. Dessa förbättringar har gjorts:

”Full support for all tweaker functions in Windows XP. Added Hot-key support for Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast settings Alt = Increase; Alt+Shift = Decrease; Alt+Shift+Control = Reset G = Gamma; B = Brightness; C = Contrast; Q = Quit. When you set Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast with the hotkeys, your settings are restored each time you run a Game, or restore the Desktop. Updated Interface. Game and Desktop Refresh rate modifications supported for all Custom and Standard display modes in Windows 9x, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Added a dozen game profiles. Removed Raid-On profile importer. Added a few new tweaks. All Custom Display Mode functions, G/B/C adjustment hotkeys, and some tweaks should all work with the Radeon 8500. Overclocking is Not supported on the 8500 yet”

Du kan ladda ner programmet här.

Diskutera nyheten i forumet.


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