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NVIDIA is one of the most discussed companies today, even though it hasn’t launched anything real and interesting for more than a couple of months. That’s in fact the very reason so many are talking about NVIDIA, the graphics circuit manufacturer is in the rough and AMD moving to new heights. We have published quite a bit of rumors on the to be or not to be of GeForce GTX. Something they decided to discuss further at Anandtech.

Anand talked to NVIDIA and based on these comments and other facts he has composed a short article that offers some answer and paints some potential scenarios of what could be the future of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has told OEM partners that it will not be making any more GT200b products. Something Charlie at SemiAccurate was bashed for saying. The reason NVIDIA decided to bite back was because it intends to sell GeForce GTX cards up until February next year. The reason it chose to reduce production of GT200b is the tough competition from AMD with Evergreen and the focus is now on Fermi.

Anand also discuss NVIDIA’s chipset making that might be bigger than you think, but at the same time lacks any future with Intel and AMD both moving towards CPU-integrated GPUs.

The future of NVIDIA is very much up to Fermi and the mobile processor Tegra, but how much of the load they can carry is impossible to say.

Is NVIDIA in trouble? In the short term there are clearly causes to worry. AMD’s Eric Demers often tells me that the best way to lose a fight is by not showing up. NVIDIA effectively didn’t show up to the first DX11 battles, that’s going to hurt. But as I said in the things get better next year section, they do get better next year. 

Continue reading at Anandtech.

The future is Fermi says NVIDIA


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