Nvidia has started the PR machine during the spring and after a successful launch of GeForce GTX 680, it now looks like it’s time for the big brother GTX 690. There is a count down on their website which ends at April 28, and at the same time they have begun to ship crowbars to the media?

Nvidia has as expected not revealed anything what so ever surrounding what type of product that they will be introducing on April 28th in Shanghai, China. The only thing that we have been given is a teaser image with the manufacturers GeForce logtype and the count down which is active at GeForce.com. Nvidia will be broadcasting live from the GeForce LAN/Nvidia Gaming Festival (NGF) in Shanghai at 7:30PM April 28th (PDT) which is where the announcement will be made.

The technology website Andandtech has at the same time published an image at their website of a crowbar that has turned up in the mail, which was sent from the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia. Something which should be a pass for the weekends announcement. At the pitch black crowbar we can see the text; ”For use in case of zombies or..” followed by the GeForce logotype.


If we put two and two together, this could mean that Nvidia will be shipping their GeForce GTX 690 (at least the test samples) in a wooden box, or something completely different. When they launched the dual GPU graphics card GeForce GTX 590 a little more than a year ago it arrived in an impressive ammunition box (Swedish article) made out of sheet metal. So a wooden box with an associated crowbar is not unlikely at all.

We will get to know more during the weekend and will certainly be back with more information as we’re getting closer to the launch, no matter what product this broadcast will be about.


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