You want a GeForce FX 5950 Ultra but in PCI Express-version?

Take a look here.

The other PCI Express-models are PCX 5750, 5300 and 4300. These cards are equivalent to FX 5700 Ultra, FX 5200 Ultra and MX 4000 but with PCI Express-contact instead of AGP.

As we have reported earlier nVidia doesn’t have a native support for PCI Express but has instead a bridge between the AGP-interface and a PCI Express-contact. nVidia claims there are no disadvantages with this compared to ”real” PCI Express. I have some suspicions however that this is not enterily true but the differences are probably pretty small.

Except these cards we have heard of another two cards that will come: GeForce FX 5100 and GeForce FX 5200SE, both are based on the FX 5200-chip, but more then that we don’t know. (The Information was found in a betadriver nVidia sent to us so this is Nordichardware-exclusive information.)


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