According to reports that has arrived in the last couple of days NVIDIA will release their first chipset with 2-way (2 CPUs)  support during the first half of 2004.
According to Xbit-labs these reports indicate that NVIDIA will at the start work with component manufacturer IWILL.
NVIDIA’s 2-way-solution will be based on their coming  nForce3 Pro 250 –chipset.
IWILL has reported that they plan to launch three different mainboards based on this chipset during the year, IWILL DK8N, DK8E och DK8E2.
The last one will probably be launched in the second quarter this year among its features we find support for 16 GB DDR-SDRAM, AGP 8x-port, Gigabit Ethernet, 4 PCI-X 64-bit portar etc.

One of the most interesting details are though that IWILL DK8E, that will be launched in the third quarter, is that according to Xbit-labs will use among other things an ATi Rage XL graphics circuit. An ATi based graphics circuit on a NVIDIA based mainboard isn’t something you see every day, meaning we are really looking forward for it.

Anyway it’s very interesting to see some competition on the chipsetmarket on serverside of AMD’s solutions, which potentially can give both better products and better prices.

Read more about NVIDIAs coming 2-way-chipset.

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