GeForce GTS 450 is NVIDIA’s latest product on the graphics card market. The new mid-range card is anything but a surprise since most details have been known long in advance. The card is now here and the target is set for the Radeon HD 5700 series.

GeForce GTS 450 uses NVIDIA’s GF106 GPU with 192 CUDA cores and 128-bit memory interface, which should be a solid foundation for the price range.

GeForce GTS 450 has a stock clock of 783 MHz GPU, 1 566 MHz shader and 3608 MHz 1GB GDDR5 graphics memory. This should be idal for gamers focusing on resolutions up to 1680×1050 pixels, which is the most common resolution right now.


NVIDIA GF106 builds on the same SM design as GF104 found in GeForce GTX 460, but even if the CUDA cores have been cut in half several ROPs and an extra memory controller lies idly in the circuit, which makes it possible to launch a GF106 model with 192-bit memory interface and 24 ROPs.

GTX 480 GTX 460 768MB GTX 285 GTS 450 GTS 250
CUDA cores
480 336 240 192 128
Texture units / Filtering 60/60 56/56 80 / 80 32/32 64/64
ROPs 48 24 32 16 16
GPU clock 700MHz 675MHz 648MHz 783MHz 738MHz
CUDA clock 1401MHz 1350MHz 1476MHz 1566MHz 1836MHz
Memory clock
924MHz (3696MHz data rate) GDDR5 900MHz (3.6GHz data rate) GDDR5 1242MHz (2484MHz data rate) GDDR3 902MHz (3.608GHz data rate) GDDR5 1100MHz (2.2GHz data rate) GDDR3
Memory bus
384-bit 192-bit 512-bit 128-bit 256-bit
Memory buffer 1.5GB 768MB 1GB 1GB 1GB
Transistors 3 miljarder 1.95 miljarder 1.4 miljarder 1.17 miljarder 754 miljoner
Manufact. process
TSMC 40nm TSMC 40nm TSMC 55nm TSMC 40nm TSMC 55nm
Price range
~ 400€ 170€ ~ 130€ ~ 100€

GeForce GTS 450 looks to get a tougher fight than GeForce GTX 460 when it comes to keeping the competition away. Performance is on par with Radeon HD 5770, with price on the same level and overclocking potential is almost too good with clock frequencies up to 950 MHz  with stock cooling. Performance varies between games, which you should look closer at before making a decision.

Below are a couple of reviews;


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