Nvidia has great stakes in both PC games and ultramobile products like tablets and smartphones. The company is known for its discrete graphics cards of the GeForce series and ARM-based Tegra SoCs has now revealed the possibility to combine the platform in the form of a streaming game service.

Representatives for Nvidia has disclosed to Bit-Gamer at GamesCom 2011 bits on what goes bhind the close doors at Nvidia. It discussed the online game service OnLive, that streams games from dedicated servers in the cloud, and they revealed Nvidia was experimenting with similar solutions;

”’Imagine you’re playing Crysis 2 on your PC and you’re able to stream it around your home to a tablet device, which you could then plug into your TV if you wanted,'”, Nvidia told them.

This sounds like a local version of OnLive where gamers connect with simpler units and all the heavy rendering is done on servers in the company data center. The only thing tht loads the client at home is the data the video and audio signals require. Hard-core gamers spend hours a day playing games. With these gaming tablets , they can also take them on-the-move

There are of course limitation in an online system like OnLive where server capacity and connection limits performance noticeably. But if you could create a local system with a powerful PC as the server and perhaps Tegra-based smartphones and tablets as clients there is a whole other range of possibilities.

The company representative was clear that Nvidia has no plans to launch a game streaming technology, but was discussing it, and experimenting with similar functionality.

Nvidia have been working actively to gain support among game developers and perhaps now it has found a solution to lure more clients to its platforms. If it launches a streaming game technology it is hard to say how it would do so, but with Nvidia’s history we can count on proprietary technology with only Nvidia components involved.

Source: Bit-Gamer


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