One of the big question marks after Windows RT is what the game support will be like, Epic Games got you covered. Nvidia demos Unreal Engine 3 in a video starring Asus Vivo Tab RT with Windows RT and Tegra 3.

Epic Games ported the Unreal Engine 3 to Apple Ios, which paved the way for Infinity Blade, but the engine later became available for Google Android. This was a stripped down version and not the full engine. Nvidia now demonstrates a tablet with Windows RT powering the known Citadel demo at 35 – 45 FPS.

Since it is Windows RT the implementation is based on Microsoft’s proprietary DirectX. The fact we are dealing with DirectX will make it easier for game developers to develop games that also work on other platfoms like Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Windows with x86 and of course Windows RT with ARM. While we don’t expect ARM based system processors to keep up with x86 processors and discrete graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, it is just a matter of time they are nearly on the level of current video game consoles. We can only wait and see if Windows RT will get a break as a gaming platform.


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