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Norco DS-1220 is a rack-mounted system of 3U format but it’s not just companies Norco are going for with its latest storage solution. DS-1220 uses external sata, better known as eSATA, to connect the external system to the computer and for those who are longing for more storage capacity there is quite a lot here. Norco DS-1220 can hold up to no less than 12 SATA harddrive and if you would happen to install 12 750GB harddrives the capacity would land at 9TB. The system supports a whole range of RAID technologies for those who wants to offer some storage for security.

At ExtremeTech they’ve tested this interesting storage system and with hot-swap interface, support for 3Gb/s SATA and RAID 0/1/5/0+1/JBOD it’s really hard to complain about the price – $840.  But then you need up to 12 harddrives too, which then adds up to a not so nice amount of money. But with 12 500GB harddrives which ExtremeTech use in its test system you get a storage solution at 6TB for less than $3000.

The solution could’ve been optimal for connecting to a Media Center computer if it wasn’t for its high noise. The three 70mm fans which cool the harddrives and the power supply at 360W are apparently not as quiet as one would’ve hoped. But through chaning fans or a fan controller things should improve. Unfortuantely the SATA cables from the system is just 2m long, which makes it hard to hind the system. Bbut it is clearly an interesting solution for those who are looking a more extreme storage solution in the home.

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