AMD has shared some information on the rumored Phenom II X4 960T CPU. The processor that was said to be the first quad-core based on the originally hexa-core Thuban architecture would be unlockable through some simple BIOS settings. A function that motherboard makers gave been bragging about for some time. Now it seems like Phenom II X4 960T won’t come to retail, but instead be only for OEM.

Exactly what this means for us consumers is a bit unclear, and even if the information is said to come directly from AMD it is not very specific. Just because Phenom II X4 960T won’t hit retail doesn’t mean AMD has trashed the idea of Thuban-based quad-core CPUs.

It has used this approach for a long time and we can’t really imagine it would stop using it anytime soon. Most likely this is about optimizing the sales of Phenom II X6 processors and later on introduce the quad-core Thuban processors.


Much is still speculation but it looks like we will have to wait for unlockable Thubans, which is of course disappointing. There are no launches coming in the near future from AMD, but at the same time you can get a hexa-core Phenom II X6 processor for less than $200.


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